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Athens Culture Symposium

Athens 13 November 2017

On November 13th we were invited by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce to participate to the 2nd Athens Culture Symposium. The event was held at the American School of Classical Studies, in the center of the greek capital, and has been organized in collaboration with the International Relations for Culture. Its aim was to discuss culture, viewed as a cornerstone for the promotion of the economy, through smartly designed initiatives and policies. 


The only foreign speaker in the occasion, Reverse was represented by Account Manager Annalisa Gatti, that introduced the award-winning Librottiglia project to the audience. Librottiglia was emphasized as an innovative marketing tool to comunicate the Italian culture and its excellences to the whole world. 


“Librottiglia combines wine and literature to foster the dialogue among a heterogeneous public: it represents the union of two pleasures and has been a great success. Reverse is currently working to launch Librottiglia in other countries: we’d love to create new connections and to produce local versions of the range, featuring new stories and new wines!”, explained  Annalisa. 


The public of the symposium was composed of around 250 people among journalists, experts, professors, authorities and business managers. 


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