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Brand Identity Grand Prix 2015

Milan 12 February 2015

Our self-promotional project Gioiello di Sapore has won first prize in the "Promotional Identity" category of the 20th Brand Identity Grand Prix. The awards ceremony was held on February 12th at the Spazio Gessi, in Milan. The competition is organized by TVN Media Group.

Excellence, preciousness and Italian good taste: these three concepts were the inspiration for the gift given to our clients and partners. The inspiration for the structural-graphics project was the italian island of Sicily which is famous for its sunshine, cuisine and rich culture. All of these elements are concentrated in a delicious and unusual gourmet orange preserve presented in a small square glass jar.   

The “jewellery-box” style pack combines a deep black colour with a satin silver with elegance to communicate the “precious” content that will be unveiled within. When the outer box is removed, the base, decorated with a Sicilian Baroque motif, opens like a flower and the glass jar is revealed. The cool colors contrast with the warm tones of the jam. As a final surprise, a message of good wishes was printed at the centre of the baroque motif and beneath the jar.

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