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Come and meet Ideal Wine Pouch

Milan 07 May 2018

After winning eight different design competitions our Wine Pouch (R)evolution is now ready to open the next chapter of its development. The pack has already reinvented the traditional bottle, transforming it into an elegant pouch… but thanks to the partnership with Idealpack  our has been developed even further: enter Ideal Wine Pouch, with its new innovative Idealcap stopper!


Idealcap is new punch stopper that brings even more innovation to our original concept: it can be applied to any type of pouch or flexible bag, both in-line and otherwise. Idealcap offers a number of great benefits: it can be easily used even in sterile environment; it improves the product’s shelf life; and it helps to reduce wine oxidation. The basic Idealcap structure is built on the interaction of three different elements: the closing stopper, the punching device and the sealing base. 

Another important piece of the development of this project is our strategic partnership with Robino & Galandrino, that allows us work on the filling and packaging phases. 


Ideal Wine Pouch is the love fruit of two ideas that integrate perfectly with each other (both in terms of structural design and concept) because they share the same aim: to improve and innovate in the high-end wine market , by offering modern solutions to products and brands that aim, first and foremost, to achieve greater quality.

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