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Going back to college!

MILAN 07 April 2016

"Visual communications in FMCG packaging: trends, phases of development, case histories." This is the theme of our presentation on April 7th at NABA’s Talent Harbour Week. The event offers students of the triennium in Graphic Design and Art Direction the opportunity to meet with active professionals and industry experts and gives them useful input to help prepare them for their professional careers.


Giulio Rodolfo, editor of Mediastars, will open the meeting with a discussion on the various professionals operating in the field of graphic design. We are next up with our presentation focused on mass-market packaging design.


Alice Tacconi, our Managing Director, says "I find this type of initiative very interesting. Our business is constantly changing and this brings new challenges for visual and structural packaging. We want to give a realistic idea to young designers of what it means to follow a project, respect a brief, balance creative and technical directions, and at the same time help them understand that there is always room for innovation, even in the small details.”

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