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Milan Communication Week

Milan 03 October 2012

As part of Milan Communications Week we introduced our cutting-edge project for Ansell Healthcare, a global leader in latex gloves and safety equipment. The presentation was part of the Packaging Pro Consumer Conference (supported by Media Star Editore) at the Fondazione San Fedele in Milan on October 3rd.

The event was attended by an audience of visual communication professionals, industrial managers, students and consumers. Marco Sachet (Istituto dell’Imballagio’s Director) and Luca Maria De Nardo (journalist and editor of Packaging Observer) introduced the speakers, who included Massimo Bartaccioli, professor in Milan’s Catholic University; Alessandro Ubertis, partner at Carmi e Ubertis agency; Simon Pasi, from Vittorio Mancini Associati; the graphic designer Toni Traglia; and the artist Michelangelo Magnus.

Our directors, Alice and Mirco, illustrated the comprehensive graphic-structural restyling developed for Ansell’s personal lubricants line. The brief required us to create an innovative graphic and structural design to differentiate the brand and to respond to consumer needs. In creating a new visual language for their product line the client aimed to unify the image of the range deployed in several countries under the Lifestyles, Manix and Unimil brands.

The project involved extensive research and analysis of compeditor’s strategy and communications styles. We paid particular attention to the various pumping systems available on the market with the objective of developing an entirely new delivery system. The resulting iconic design has been recognised by many awards and has become the distinctive signature of Ansell Healthcare on-shelf.

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