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We are energy savers!

MILAN 19 February 2016

We will participate again in M’illumino di Meno, the Italian awareness campaign on energy consumption and sustainable mobility. The initiative was launched in 2004 by the well known Italian radio program Caterpillar on RAI 2, and continues to grow in popularity, both nationally and internationally.


The month long campaign has become a party in which saving energy is interpreted in themed events by schools, businesses, and government agencies. It culminates on the 19th February in a collective turning off of lights and electrical gadgets from 17:35 – 19:00. To mark the occasion in previous years many national monuments across Europe, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and the Custom’s House in Dublin, have had their illuminations turned off.


This year's edition is dedicated to the theme of sustainable mobility and features the Bike the Nobel campaign in which the bicycle has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In honour of this year’s theme, we in REVERSE will all be arriving to work on bike, by foot or public transport. That’s not such a big change for Federico in our Amsterdam office, as biking it is the norm there! At 17:35 we will turn off the lights, our computers and mobile phones and will dedicate an hour to discussing sustainable design practices. It doesn’t end there – we are conscious of the impact packaging design can have on waste management and we are proactive in advising clients on methods, materials and printing methods which are easier to recycle or are less harmful for the environment. The good news is that some of these changes can also have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line so why not get involved too? It just might be illuminating!

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