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We have won at Mediastars

Milan 21 January 2016

The new year has started well for us! We have won two category prizes and three Special Stars at the 20th edition of the Mediastars awards. 


Our packaging produced for the launch of the much loved Italian detergent brand Svelto in the machine dishwashing segment, has been awarded first prize in the “Coordinated Range – Non Food” category. This project has also been recognised with two Special Stars for Creative Direction and Graphic design. 


The range is organised in three platforms – Classico, Tutto in 1 and Expert, and features a visual style which evokes the heritage of the brand and has a modern appeal thanks to its dynamic and disruptive graphic design.     


We have also been awarded first prize in the “Product Identity” section of the “Corporate Identity” category, and a Special Star for Copywriting, for “Sweet Creative Path”.

The project was inspired by the much-loved Advent calendar and was given to our clients and partners as our end-of-year gift. The design is distinguished by its curious, bold graphics, which invite the receiver to follow our creative process, retold as a delicious treasure hunt. Each step of the process hides a delicious square of chocolate behind an illustrated, perforated window, decorated with additional messages about our services.


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