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About us

We are creative thinkers

At REVERSE we combine creative skill with solid experience in both brand and structural design to arrive at fresh solutions in a wide variety of sectors. Our solid background in both design theory and practice, allows us to approach each project with a unique combination of logical, analytical thinking, inspired creativity and imagination.

We know that the right idea can develop dramatic business opportunities. Regardless of the scale of the project, we work closely with our clients to find innovative, creative ideas that can transform their business and provide a real commercial advantage.

Why work with us

We are a cohesive group of dynamic, international professionals specialised in different areas of brand and product design. We combine originality and rigorous attention to detail with Italian passion for perfection. This translates into the development of objects and communications material which create an emotional connection with the consumer.

Our ability to accompany you through all phases of the design process from visual strategy and creativity to printing or manufacturing has been proven and is evident from the list of international clients who trust us to take care of their brands.

Our approach

Innovation comes from insight and insight comes from a deep understanding of the issues. At REVERSE we like to dedicate time to getting to know you and your business in order to understand your customer’s needs and what this product means to them. With this research and analysis in hand, our focus turns to the creative expression of the core issues. We sketch, we brainstorm, we work in 3 dimensions, we drink a lot of coffee!

At every stage of development we return to the brief to evaluate the effectiveness of our work and ensure that we are on track to making your vision a reality for your customers.

Our team

The real strength of REVERSE is our ability to find, and work with, great people both in-studio and as partners. Our studio team is young, fresh, international and hungry for creative ideas and new ways to express them visually. With a cohesive group of dynamic and focused professionals who are as passionate about helping our clients as they are about great design, REVERSE is able to collectively and individually bring the full force of our creativity to any project. We are also hands-on builders and makers. Over the years, we have identified and established close relations with some of the best specialists and professional artisan suppliers from various industry sectors.

Together we offer a high quality, integrated service that ensures highly effective solutions and an outstanding quality of design that meets, and often exceeds, expectations.