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Burgot Group was founded with the aim of creating unconventional projects and products for the beverage industry based on simple but innovative concept ideas. Our challenge? Translate this aspiration into design!


Our work started with the very beginning of the project: naming, logo, visual and corporate identity, website (graphics, content and web development). The core business of Burgot Group is to conceive, develop and distribute/supply innovative products and projects. From a design point of view, the objective was to create an authoritative, formal, reliable and equally elegant brand identity.


The final logo brings to mind an ancient coat of arms, where the initial “B” of the group’s name becomes the main focus. The colour palette includes rich, earthy brown tones and the colours of nature generally.


Besides the logo, we designed the whole corporate identity of the company and coordinated communications material necessary to represent the reliability and professionalism of Burgot Group and to convey its identity and positioning across all touch points: stationery, corporate gifts and website, which has been adapated across all devices from cell phone to tablet and computer. 

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