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CDZ Couriers asked our help to rebrand their business. A bold new identity and coordinated communications material was needed to better represent the full offer, reliability and professionalism of their services.


CDZ’s business has grown over the years to include niche services such as the preparation of packaging samples for market research and the “courier” descriptor is now limiting. After an initial design exploration, it was decided to change the name from Codazzi to CDZ. This allowed us to move the focus from the personality of the founder to the personality of the business. The synthesis of the name also permitted the creation of an interesting and memorable word mark. The letterforms interact and overlap in a setting that is modern and confident. The word “Express”, which is internationally understandable, has been added in italic capitals underneath the word mark to support the concept of speed. An additional graphic device of a dotted globe has been used on the communications material, stationary and trucks to represent the breadth of services and international aspect of the company.


For a coordinated look across all touch points, the new decals were applied to the transport fleet, offices, stationary and a new website. We developed the content and design for simple and effective website which is adaptable across all devices from cell phone to tablet and computer. We used parallax scrolling to give a modern touch and express the youthful energy of the company. 

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