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We were asked to redesign Chicco’s Dry Fit diaper packaging system for their new Advanced line. The challenge was to effectively communicate the product’s key features in a succinct fashion; increase stand out on-shelf in both mass-market and pharmacy retail channels, while emphasizing a sense of happiness which is a key value of the brand.


The main drivers which influence the choice of diaper by a consumer are their functional features and the credibility of the brand. Our design for the Chicco Diaper range combines forceful branding and a new styling of the product name, with an compelling illustration of the key benefits of the diaper in a single icon. The photograph of a smiling baby proudly touting a Chicco diaper which was on the previous pack, has been enlarged and gives the pack a strong emotional appeal while doubling as an effective product illustration.


A color coded system based on a “smile”, signifying happiness and serenity, was created to contain all the information relating to size and quantity and features a different animal illustration for the various stages of growth. The association of diaper size with a cute animal, a color code and a number facilitates the easy identification of the correct pack in-store. Plus, when the packs are arranged side-by-side on-shelf, the smile system produces an eye-catching and festive wave effect. The charming animal illustrations have also been developed and applied onto the diaper itself and depict three key stages of physical development as a baby moves from newborn to active toddler. By removing all secondary messages to the back of pack, the new design allows for a highly structured engagement with consumers regardless of language or market zone. We selected a deeper tone of blue as the common background color for the range, which permits greater stand-out in store. All of these interventions combine to transmit a sensation of happiness, trust, comfort and freshness. 

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