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CIF has been a leader in the cleaning market for many years but the spray cleaning segment has seen an increase in players. CIF wanted to relaunch two key products; the bicarbonate degreaser and active bleach sprays, with a new, impactful design and innovative nozzle that allows users to switch from a "spray" to a "mousse" function. The main objective was to communicate Duo’s versatility and its ability to satisfy two needs with one product. 


Our design uses a combination of strong colours to explain the “Duo” concept and create an eye-catching and striking presence on shelf. On the neck of the sleever we placed an illustrated close-up of the nozzle to demonstrate the simplicity of the mechanism while the possible applications for either mousse or spray are indicated in two ovals on the lower section of the pack. For example, the mousse option adheres better on walls or on stubborn laundry stains. The new packaging is bold and impactful and the benefit of the clever nozzle is communicated in an immediate fashion which is sure to attract attention in store. 


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