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CIF Daily Clean & Shine sprays are one of the best-selling household cleaning brands in the world. However, over time, the range’s label design had evolved in an uncoordinated fashion. Reverse was tasked with revitalizing the label design to create a coordinated global identity for the range across four variants in both 500 ml and 750 ml formats.


Our redesign began with placing the CIF brand at the heart of an impactful and highly-effective visual system. A colour-coded burst of light radiates from behind the brand and conveys the concepts of freshness and cleanness. The intended use for each variant – Bathroom, Kitchen etc. – is clearly indicated using a modern sans serif font which has been styled for maximum legibility. The eye is then led through a symbolic “window” to a representation of sparkling clean interiors appropriate to the variant. The redesign facilitates the fast identification of the product on-shelf and gives a harmonized and authoritative look to a well trusted brand. The design received first prize in the Mediastars Awards 2013.

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