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Ultra Sgrassatore & Anticalcare

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How to communicate the versatility and effectiveness of CIF universal cleaner in an immediate and modern fashion? CIF is the brand leader in the italian spray cleaning category and expands its portfolio with the launch of Ultra Sgrassatore Universale and Ultra Anticalcare Bagno.


We employed a visual language which is contemporary, simple and impactful, incorporating extensive use of aluminum and reflective surfaces. The product’s principal applications and actions are effectively communicated in a dynamic but innovative structure which mimics a wiping gesture. The fragrance, Marsiglia, is a natural vegetable soap which is dark cream in colour and has valuable cleaning connotations in Italy. This important element lends credibility to the product claims and has been integrated in the central visual. Red and blue – synonymous with power and efficacy – are used for the specially drawn logotype of the product name. The logotype successfully combines boldness with rounded details to convey the key concept of gentle power.

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