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Aktiv Kraft WC Gel

Branding Design


Packaging for the launch of a new line of WC Gel; Aktiv Kraftunder the Domestos brand name. The Domestos Aktiv Kraft WC Gel design should express all the effectiveness that consumers have come to expect from this historic disinfectant.


Our label design grabs the consumer’s attention through the use of a brilliant bubbling vortex which symbolizes the powerful cleaning action and freshness of these product. The design animates the dynamic qualities of the Domestos brand and makes it an integral part of the label. These factors combine to produce a simple but outstandingly effective representation the product’s key benefits. A distinctive colour code was chosen for each of the three fragrances: Ocean Fresh, Lime Fresh and Pink Power. These unusual, vibrant colours guarantee that the products are not missed by the consumer on-shelf.

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