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A conservative restyling of the Lysoform and Klinex cleaning wipes packaging to introduce the honeycomb texture and new Easy Lift opening system. The Domestos pack, a new entry into the wipes sector, should convey its effectiveness in the bathroom in an immediate fashion. 


The new graphics for Glorix, Klinex and Lysoform multi-use wipes emphasise an important innovation: a high-tech fabric with a honeycomb texture that maximizes the effectiveness of the product. This is communicated through the use of a dedicated illustration and the use of a honeycomb texture as a background for Klinex. 


Domestos wipes are intended exclusively for bathroom hygiene. The new design clearly highlights the distinctive qualities of the product: its germ killing power and the “flushable” nature of the biodegradable wipes. The blue colour code that defines the brand is enhanced by the sparkling visual which underlines the brilliant results offered.

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