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Domestos products are well established in many European countries and are famous for their potency. However, Domestos is relatively new to the French market and this necessitated a complete restyling of the range in order to explain the benefits of the product and where is should be used, while staying true to the direct Domestos communication style.


Our new design highlights the disinfecting and descaling power of the product, as well as emphasizing the unique features of the different versions, in a direct and impactful style which has proven to be popular with consumers. An image of a sparkling white toilet has been included to remove any doubt about where the product should be used.

The benefits of the gel are immediately expressed using very strong, confident graphics to convey the potency of the products and reinforce the authority of the brand in the mind of the consumer. The vibrant color coding of the product defies the usual conventions and complements the graphics of each fragrance: a radical “reverse” trend in a sector dominated by white.

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