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Glorix Gel Relaunch

Branding Design


Based on competitor analysis and consumer testing, Glorix decided that in order to stay relevant, they needed to add more sensorial aspects to their products. Already effective in cleaning, the new line of limited edition variants would come in two scents: Pink Flower and Lime.


Glorix packaging is typically focused on communicating effective cleaning through a variety of blues and strong typography. In order to differentiate it from the existing products, we created a packaging system that is more visual, with additional imagery and eye-catching colours, etc. The focus of the limited edition packs is on the presence of perfume and the added sensory experience to the original products. With the strong contrast between the dark background and the bold illustrations, the packs are visually appealing and communicative. The small variant name appears on the right under the Glorix logo as a  detail, allowing the imagery to be the main communicator of the scent. The use of gold in the ANTI-KALK claim and on the borders of the Extra Perfume name informs the consumer that this is a premium product. While the imagery is very bold, the dramatic contrast between the Glorix logo and the illustrations allows the logo to stand out as a main element without getting lost among the tropical leaves and respective elements of the pack.

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