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Lovable Ultimate

Branding Design


The scope of this project included the packaging graphics, product name and strapline creation for a new line of men's underwear – Lovable Ultimate. The revolutionary garment features silicone strips which ensure perfect support without seams and provides total comfort. The benefits of this revolutionary underwear should be communicated with simplicity and clarity and should appeal to the style conscious modern man.


The pack is impactful thanks to it's attention-grabbing photography and the immediacy of the product pictogram. We created a special pictogram to serve as a visual explanation of the unprecedented technology that sets the garment apart from the rest of the market. The combination of the images with simple, practical language ensures that the unique qualities of such an innovative product are clearly communicated. The name reinforces the intrinsic concept of the product: Ultimate is a cutting edge development in the field of men’s underwear.



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