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Azione Bagno

Branding Design


Lysoform’s All in One cleaning product has proved to be immensely popular with consumers. A new product dedicated to hygienic cleaning in the bathroom was conceived as a line extension. The packaging should highlight the characteristics of the new products while maintaining the credibility of the established brand values.


The concept of total hygiene for the bathroom is expressed through a well-defined brand architecture. The design also reinforces the image of reliability and protection in terms of the disinfecting power that distinguish the brand. The translucent polypropylene spray container features subtle metallic elements which help convey the concepts of precision and efficiency in a highly effective way. The gel package, features an ergonomic handle and a drip-catching measuring cap which enhance the image of the product’s practicality and reliability. The range’s clean graphics combined with the product’s blue colour code make for an attractive and coordinated presence on-shelf.

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