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For over 100 years, Lysoform has been associated with the effective cleaning of the home and the security and protection of generations of families. Lysoform now offers an extensive line of cleaning products for the whole house and wanted to complete their range by entering the thin liquid bleach segment.


For this line extension we leveraged the existing equities of the Lysoform brand. The brand mark is highly visible on-shelf and the graphic approach and use of typefaces is rigorously in line with existing Lysoform packaging. It was essential that the new line be recognised by customers as offering the same quality and effectiveness as their regular Lysoform products while clearly communicating the various applications for the liquid. The product is formulated for cleaning laundry, household surfaces, baby equipment and floors. It also offers additional benefits such as, the removal of allergens and is free of phosphates. All of these claims are listed in a simple, no-nonsense manner. The robust nature of the bleach is communicated through the use of a familiar bleach bottle while the lightness of the formula is suggested by the light mood of the graphics and the sparkling background texture.

It is available in three fragrances: Classic, Floral and Freschezza Alpina which are colour coded in blue, pink and green respectively. In addition to the packaging graphics we also created the promotional trade material. 

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