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To create the packaging and brand mark design for Protezione & Natura (Protection & Nature) – Lysoform’s new line of environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and disinfectants derived from plants. The primary objective of this project was to communicate the line’s green credentials while maintaining a coherent structure that fits in with the existing products of the well-known Lysoform range.


Our design features a specially crafted, and memorable logotype for the new products which sits well with the Lysoform brand while appealing to contemporary concerns about the environment. The organic, hand-written styling of the logotype conveys the natural aspect of the products without sacrificing impact and is supported by the illustrations of fresh green leaves and delicate tendrils.


The design represents the perfect union of the product’s ecological benefits and the brand’s reputation for safety and protection in the home.
Combined with a communications strategy focused on the target market with laser-like precision, the range has made notable impact on the Italian detergent sector. We have since adapted the design for launch in other markets including in Russia.

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