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Vivin Duo e Tosse

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How do you launch a new extension line of a leading and historical product, such as Vivin C, keeping the same identity and recognizability for consumers while revamping the current design and communication of the new product?


For this line extension we leveraged the existing equities of the Vivin brand, focusing our attention on its distinctive brand font and the special green colour code, which represent the main elements of Vivin C’s identity for consumers.

Conversely, for the suffix “DUO”, signifying the product is effective for both fever and nasal congestion, we have selected a bold red in order to make the pack stand out on the shelf, reinforced by the iconic illustration of the face that communicates the action of the product. For the new Vivin DUO we have increased the presence of green on the pack, especially on the front, to strengthen the Vivin identity in the mind of the consumer and to give the entire design a modern and distinctive look and feel.

We have recently developed the packaging for the additional range Vivin Tosse (Kids and Adults).

Also this time, we focused our attention on the green colour code, highlighting the main ingredients of the product.

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