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Zymil Carte d΄Or

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Zymil and Carte d’Or are two brands with very different targets… Why not take the best of two worlds, combining the deliciously indulgent Carte d’Or ice cream with the easily digestible Zymil milk? Tasty and lactose free! 
Our task in the creation of the design for this whole new range of ice creams was to highlight the Zymil brand in order to communicate the digestion sensitive product while remaining as appealing as Carte d’Or.


The combination of two very different communication styles comes together to visually represent both brand messages. We’ve used the Zymil orange for the logo, the butterfly and the rim of the container and the Zymil milk drop imagery to better enforce the recognition of the brand. Our aim was to make clear to the consumers that the product is guaranteed to be digestion sensitive and lactose free. 

The second half of the package is dedicated to the delectable imagery and packaging style of Carte d’Or. The silk-like milk splash with the rich scoop of ice cream and the solid ingredient depictions increase the traditional message of the Carte d’Or brand – delicious indulgence. The lactose free community knows they do not need to sacrifice taste when searching for an ice cream product!

The flavour variants are color-coded throughout the range, in a way similar to Zymil and Carte d’Or. The color band, which flows beneath the milk drop of Zymil, creates an immediate connection with the flavour variant. The consistent blue is a reminder, again, of the lactose free nature of the product. As a value/add to the product, it is certified as containing 100% Italian milk. This tag stands apart from all other claims, allowing it to be noticeable enough to catch. 

The cartons themselves are made from materials of sustainable forests, certified by the PEFC as well as the POT of the Panna flavour. A green stamp, reminiscent of a tree, calls out this fact on the back of the packaging in a subtle yet noticeable way.

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