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Is it possible to overcome the negative image of wine sold in pouches or as a “bag in a box”, which is often synonymous with poor quality? This was the question we confronted with winemakers Gigante: how to develop a graphic and structural pack that appeals to a discriminating audience.


Wine bottles are intended to be touched and handled so consideration of the aesthetic, tactile and functional experience was essential. Our design is a truly innovative structural pack that cleverly and elegantly reinterprets the classic Bordeaux bottle by means of an intriguing play of contrasting opaque and gloss materials. A simple black pouch is wrapped in a seductive, sensual paper sleeve that defines the elegant and intriguing shape of the product. The paper structure also ensures that the pouch is robust and self-standing at every stage of consumption.

The graphic design and fine detailing plays a crucial role in supporting the high quality positioning of the wine. The contours of the bottle shape are emphasised with gold foil while the terroir of the wine is retold through the use of blind embossing and UV varnish to reproduce the specific shape of the vine leaf which is characteristic of the area.

The resulting design demonstrates our ability to innovate even in a segment as traditional and resistant to change as wine packaging.

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