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The BRF Group is one of the largest food companies in the world and is the world's largest producer of chicken meat. We were asked by its Italian subsidiary, Sadia, to assist them in the creation of the branding and packaging for a new product which has the potential to also become new category in the ready meal sector. 


‘A Pizza Pollo is an innovative product developed by Sadia, BRF. It is a fusion of two of the most delicious Italian dishes: the Pizza and the Cotoletta (Cutlet). It combines the crispiness and tenderness of the cutlet with the great taste of Pizza toppings. Made with premium ingredients, it is quick and easy to prepare, and provides a unique solution for a satisfying meal.


Our design had to work hard to resolve the many communication challenges inherent in such a unique proposition. As part of the project development, we explored many visual styles and brand positionings in order to identify the most effective route.


The final design leans heavily on pizza packaging conventions in order to illustrate the core proposition while the missing slice of the product visual leaves a triangular space which we exploit to explain the concept in very direct terms: ‘A Pizza Pollo is the only pizza with a chicken base.


The graphic styling of the product name and banner and intentionally traditional and as such, are reassuring to new consumers. The Italian inspiration for the product is communicated through the green, red and white colour codes of the pack while the quality of the ingredients is conveyed by the representation of the fresh mozzarella, tomato and olive oil and a chicken quality mark. Various secondary claims and additional information are organized around the pizza but do not distract attention from the key communication.


The product is explained in greater detail on the back of the packaging along with the Sadia quality promise and information about Sadia’s respect for the environment. ‘A Pizza Pollo is so innovative that a Patent has been filed in order to protect the idea. Once the initial surprise about this innovative product has passed, one can appreciate the simplicity of the product and focus on its fantastic crunch and flavour.


As part of the product launch we also designed promotional material, price boards, napkins and decals for use in-store.


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