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Branding Design


To create a series of key visuals which champion the advantages of Signal’s Ultimate Expert Protection mouth-care system. To inspire everyone to take superior care of his or her mouths by making oral care an engaging and rewarding experience.


Highlight the effectiveness of inter-dental cleaning, which removes up to 99% interdental plaque by making the toothbrush a hero, endorsed by Signal Expert toothpaste, which is the number 1 brand on the market.

The Expert Protection System is not just endorsed by dentists; but developed with dentists. It is designed to build better habits by being more engaging, and to provide superior protection. Therefore, it was essential that the product range be showcased in a scientific, medical setting to underline and support their expert credentials. Settings include a Dentist’s surgery, a dentist’s clipboard and hand, and an abstract deep blue background, which hints at the avant-garde structure of the toothbrush. Each visual is closed with a metallic silver band, which recalls the familiar graphic device used on Signal packaging. 

The headline is simple but impactful in the clarity of its message. It leaves the reader in no doubt as to the efficacy of the products.

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