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We were asked to create a unified global packaging identity for Signal’s new range of toothpastes; Expert Protection. The design should maximise visual impact on-shelf in large retail environments, while also reaffirming the established Signal brand values. The product’s benefits, which are inspired by the action of flossing and mouthwash, should be represented in a dynamic, but premium way.


Our solution breaks with convention and adds a touch of sophistication, through the use of silver foil and transparent PET. This innovative choice of materials serves to underline the advanced formula and technical nature of the product. A dynamic silver helix, reminiscent of DNA, is used in conjunction with the hexagon device, to demonstrate the toothpaste’s cleansing microgranules in action. The visual language and lettering style references scientific research while highlighting the brand’s unique qualities and professional character. Signal Expert Protection has made a strong impression both on the market and on-shelf, and was awarded Product of the Year in France 2013.

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