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How to convey the benefits of a specialist toothpaste in a key visual for the global campaign that is both convincing and immediate. Signal Sensitive Expert (Mentadent Sensitive Expert in Italy) is a new, advanced clinical-specialist dental care product which provides rapid relief and long-lasting protection for sensitive teeth.


What better way is there to depict the ultimate challenge for sensitive teeth than biting into an iceberg? Our creative visual for this global campaign features the striking image of a woman confidently and calmly biting into an “iceberg on a stick”. This arresting and highly-effective image, together with an invitation to “Do the iceberg test”, immediately communicates the product’s unique benefits. The use of pink and silver helps to convey the values of the new range to consumers: sensitivity, effective dental care, trustworthiness and clinical science. The key visual for the sales campaign was used extensively across a range of advertising and communications media including magazines, in-store, outdoor and online.

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