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To create new toothpaste packaging to strengthen the white system platform and reinforce the communication of key product claims while maintaining core recognition.


In order to create a unified range on-shelf the first thing we did was to simplify the branding system. A clean silver wave substitutes the previous toothpaste illustrations, while allowing for the integration of each variant’s colour code. The use of silver gives a more convincingly clinical, specialized feel to the design. This coordinated approach guarantees that the products are identified as a range that offers three different actions. The blue variant is the core product and features a bold stylized flash of light. The green, Fresh Naturals paste, offers progressive whitening action but with intense freshness and natural ingredients. In this case the dark blue background gradually fades to reveal a close up of a bright green leaf. Enamel Renewal, in purple, combines an abstract scientific pattern with the characteristic flash and blue gradation of the range to better communicate its particular formula.

The final packaging makes a confident, eye-catching statement in store and has established the Signal range as the market leader in whitening toothpastes.

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