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Sun is a well-established brand of machine dishwashing products available in many European countries. The Classic range consists of co-ordinated products which work together as a system to provide excellent washing results every time. The challenge over the years has been to implement a clean, modern design to communicate the complementary nature of the various products across the full offer of salt, rinse aid, liquid and tablets.


The use of a rich deep blue background colour permits the presentation of the Sun brand mark in a confident and impactful manner. Also, we were careful to maintain the Sun brand in the same proportions across all the packs in order to create a uniquely harmonized presentation on-shelf. Each format is represented in a dynamic swoosh, creating a system that allows for rapid identification in-store. We designed a special front of pack stamp that conveys two main messages: “more eco friendly, deep cleaning”. This icon has been further developed on the back of pack through a detailed storytelling of the brand and its mission.

We have also worked on the redesign of Sun Essential, a complete range for the low-tier retail channels where the objective was to confirm the brand architecture of the new Sun All In One core but without appearing as premium in order to justify the lower price.

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