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Sun Classic System

Branding Design


Sun is a well established brand of machine dish washing products available in many European countries. The Classic range consists of coordinated products which work together as a system to provide excellent washing results every time. The challenge was to implement a clean, modern design to communicate the complimentary nature of the various products across the full offer of salt, rinse aid, liquid and tablets.


The use of a rich deep blue background color permits the presentation of the Sun brand mark in a confident and impactful manner. Also, we were careful to maintain the Sun brand in the same proportions across all the packs in order to create a uniquely harmonized presentation on-shelf. Each format is represented in a dynamic swoosh which emanates from the brand mark and creates a system which allows for rapid identification in store. We designed a special icon has been to explain the Sun Classic System and re-enforce the communication of Sun Classic as a coordinated range. This icon has been further developed on the back of pack to explain the interaction of the products in detail.

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