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Svelto is a much loved Italian dishwashing brand. The challenge to us was to communicate the economic and eco-benefits of a maxi-format refill without impacting negatively on qualitative preception of the Svelto brand image.


We were happy to advise Svelto on the production of an eco-friendly solution for their refill pouches. The communication focuses primarily on two key messages: ultra-convenience and environmental sustainability. By using 70% less plastic Svelto sends a strong message about its environmental leadership. The use of a lime green background maintains an immediate association with standard Svelto packs. The degreasing power of lemon and the explosion of brilliance expresses the product’s fast cleaning action in a direct and energetic way that engages the consumer. The Vinegar & Lemon variant features a bold orange colour and a special icon that emphasizes the product’s anti-odour action.


The pack design was recognised with a prize in the Italian Mediastars Awards 2013.

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