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Piatti Brillanti & Gel Attivo

Branding Design


To create a new look for Italy’s famous Svelto detergents: Svelto Piatti Brillanti 750ml (Svelto Brilliant Dishes) and the concentrated Svelto Gel Attivo 500ml (Svelto Active Gel). The main requirement of this project was to create an more ordered, impactful brand architecture that helps consumers to easily recognize the brand and give it greater standout on-shelf.


Our designs revitalize the image of an historic brand and succeed in conveying a message about the quality of each of these products in a way that is immediate and convincing.


The restyling of the super-concentrated Svelto Gel Attivo, focuses on making it easier to understand the product’s benefits and emphasizes the key message “Super Concentrated Gel – 5 Times More Active”.


The new graphics for the Svelto Piatti Brillanti range focuses primarily on the range’s great ability to cut through grease and deliver outstanding cleaning results. This is transmitted via a burst of brilliant light that electrifies the entire graphic.

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