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Svelto is a popular Italian brand of dish washing liquid which is characterized by a fresh lemon fragrance. The initial challenge was to introduce Svelto as a credible brand in the Machine Dishwashing sector with a complete range to meet all needs and includes basic, medium and high performance products. Over the years we have been asked to work on the redesign of the whole range up to the recent adaptation to a new structural packaging: a pouch.


The Svelto brand mark is presented at the centre of a graphic system, which we adapted for each of the numerous variations within the range. A sparkling-clean glass, porcelain plates, or a machine dishwasher is used on all packs to convey the cleaning power of the products accompanied by a representation of the product format – tabs, gel, etc. The range is divided into three coordinated sub-brands – Classic, All in One and Expert. Each sub-brand is colour coded to aid recognition of the various formats and particular product benefits. 
The resulting graphic is both bold and modern and notably differentiates itself from existing machine dishwashing brands through the use of the Svelto green as a dominant colour and from the main competitors on-shelf. Despite the variety of elements and messages on-pack, the visual communication appears ordered coordinated across the range, rendered modern and up-to-date thanks also to the pouch itself. The design was implemented across a suite of products including tabs, gel, machine deodorant, and rinse aid.  
The design solution was also adapted to the traditional carton for the Sunlight brand.

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