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Tomik’s toilet sanitizer is distributed mainly in Northern Europe under the brand names Tomik and Closan, and is the segment leader in this market. We were asked to restyle the Flush Fragrance range packaging in order to increase its visibility and on-shelf appeal without estranging existing customers.


The product’s visual language was previously marked by a somewhat stark, abstract style. We proposed to communicate the brand’s effectiveness in a more evocative but powerful way, which suggests a dynamic burst of fragrance. The “naturally fresh” clean sensation was produced through a mix of photographic and illustrative elements which combine to produce an energetic mood. Lowercase cursive lettering was carefully chosen to reinforce the product’s central promise of freshness combined with natural fragrance.


The new livery has been developed to coordinate the five variants of the entire range, from the starter kit and single refill, to the promotional three-refill pack. The restyling unifies and strengthens standout on-shelf for the entire range by lending it a distinctive, eye-catching appeal. The design not only increased consumer awareness but also helped to consolidate the market-leader position of both Tomik and Closan.

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