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We were asked to use the essence of BabaSucco as a brand and their existing juice products, to create a line of popsicles. Focusing on the importance of the ingredients and communication of the organic nature of these products was of top priority. The line consisted of four flavours and the final elements in the line were an in home multipack, the out of home wraps, and various elements of marketing for the product launch.


After extensive research and developing a deep understanding of the Babasucco brand, we designed a line of popsicles with a balance of appeal and functionality, keeping in tact the nutritional characteristics of the original juices. Throughout the various elements, the ‘new’ look of Babasucco Stecco is consistent and shows the uniqueness of the product. We started by creating the new logo for Babasucco Stecco, keeping in line with brand look and feel, and guidelines. The four flavours are colour coded – Detox: Green, Sun: Orange, Energy: Brown, and Sicily: Yellow. Using the existing illustrations, we developed a new look, cutting the product in half and showing the specific ingredients as a physical part of the popsicle. To allude to the transparency of the juice containers, the boxes have a simulated transparency, showing the exposed products while also using a fun, appealing collage of vegetable illustrations and outline. These elements were developed for both the in-home multipack and the out of home wraps.

Before the launch, Babasucco wants to get customers excited about this new product. As the product is preparing for launch in the spring/summer of 2018, customers are buying Babasucco juices. This serves as an opportunity to market the upcoming products. The decision was the use of a neck-hanger for the existing juices on shelf. On a very small area, we were able to capture the general communication of what this new product will be. With the use of the product shot and illustrative ingredient elements used in the same way as other communicative material, the consumers become affiliated with what to expect. They will already know the visual elements to look for in order to find this product in the future and this creates the anticipation needed in order to make them excited for the launch.

After establishing the visual elements for the Babasucco Stecco brand, we translated this into multiple point-of-sale pieces. For bars/cafeterias, we have developed multiple covers for small freezers of various sizes. Each popsicle is shown with the respective illustrations and imagery used on the box and wrap. For an extra bold element, there is a colour stripe that contains a list of the main ingredients. We also developed a booklet brochure of the variants. This small A5 menu uses a similar depiction, showing each flavour on its own page, and giving proper attention to the idea that these popsicles are good for the well-being of consumers. On a smaller scale, the popsicles are featured on an Algida price board as a new product. Keeping in mind the existing elements, the look and feel of the product is translated to a piece with much less real-estate. All of these point-of-sale elements have a consistent look and feel while also being connected to the product packaging and ultimately back to the Babasucco brand.

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