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Mentadent is a very popular global oral care brand. Its range is extensive, encompassing regular cleaning, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. We were asked to redesign the brand mark and packaging of the Mentadent Professional range of toothpaste and mouthwash, which is retailed in pharmacies on the Italian market. 


The Mentadent Professional range contains Clorexidina, which is a highly effective antibacterial disinfectant. These products are not intended for casual, everyday use and are generally recommended by dentists after an orthodontic intervention. As such, it is appropriate that the graphic design reflect a medical positioning and a professional tone. Our design successfully expresses these values while also being contemporary in appeal. The new Mentadent Professional brand mark incorporates a dentist’s mirror and an icon of a tooth while also directly allowing for colour coding of the mirror’s handle. The range is available in three concentrations: 0,20%, 0,12% and 0,05%, therefore effective colour coding was an important aspect of the redesign. The coordinated colour coding of associated mouthwash and toothpaste allows consumers to easily identify the products, which are designed to work together.

The design uses generous white space and features a special key visual of a tooth within a hexagonal shape. Half of the tooth is enclosed in a colour-coded glow to suggest the product in action protecting the tooth. A second colour-coded hexagon with the initials CHX supports the communication of clorexidina as an important active ingredient. The concentration of clorexidina is indicated in red and allows for the quick identification of the correct concentration. A sense of structure is provided by a line of graduated colour, which works in horizontal on the mouthwash and in vertical on the toothpaste. In fact, a key challenge of the project was the successful coordination of the various shapes and formats of the packaging. Overall, the new design system positions Mentadent Professional as a credible and trustworthy brand with an impressive presence on shelf.

The launch was supported by the creation of special trade folder, product catalogue and advertising material.

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