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Signal Vertical Experience

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Signal Vertical Expert is designed to encourage an intuitive vertical movement for more effective oral hygiene. How to recount the story of this avant-garde toothbrush in a single engaging image?


An advanced product deserves communication that breaks with convention. Rising to the challenge, our key visual focuses on the unique characteristics that differentiate it from competitors. Using dramatic perspective and a beautifully detailed 3D illustration, the toothbrush and its distinctive fan shaped bristles are elevated to hero status. Arcs of brilliant light are used to highlight the optimum brushing action of the brush and provide a subtle structure to the image. The remarkable head of the brush and copy cleverly interact, immitating the interaction between the bristles and teeth.


For this project we not only produced the original creative idea, but also managed the photo shoot and handled the painstaking post-production that emphasised the premium features of the toothbrush such as the “screwdriver handle”. The striking communications material featuring this key visual succeeded in firing the public’s imagination while delivering a clear presentation of the capabilities of this remarkable toothbrush.

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