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Algida took the opportunity to partner with Warner Brothers’ Studios and focus on the popularity of the Justice League around the release of the newest movie. Our task was to create the packaging design of two new out-of-home ice cream products for children while focusing on the year of the Justice League for the Greek and Italian markets.


The Batman themed ice cream focuses on the individual hero, using the packaging as a display for all things Batman. The use of strictly the logo’s yellow and black throughout are reminiscent of the comic-like two-colour printing. Batman soars over the Gotham skyline, creating imagery that feels as dynamic and action packed as the character himself.
While some prefer the ice cream, others may just pick up the Surprise Cup for, well, the surprise. A large speech bubble, again in comic book-like style, challenges children to “Collect them all,” alluding to the surprise Justice League temporary tattoos in the bottom of the cup. This product is focused more on the Justice League as a whole team, giving more attention to three main characters duplicated on the lid but also displaying all 6 heroes. Using a comic book dot pattern, the blue background enhances the “Lactose Free” message.
Each package is unique in approach, imagery, and design while connecting the products through certain elements. Displaying the flavour combination of Vanilla and Chocolate in the same style, font, and colour adds a familiar thread to both packs while also allowing each to stand on their own. This was especially necessary to consider because while the products may both be seen in Italy, only the Batman packaging is also designed for the Greek market.

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