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Reverse was asked to design a new package design for Bikini and Arcobaleno by Algida. The relaunch was focused on the great years of the 60’s and 80's. We were to take inspiration from the style of the time. The Bikini ice cream is now offered as a gluten and lactose free ice cream treat.


In 1969, Algida launched Bikini, a delicious ice cream sandwich product. In 2018, they decided to revisit the product and revamp the packaging, communicating the spirit of the 60’s. Our research focus was on the style of the 1960’s, everything from popular discotechs, miniskirts, and graphic design trends. This era was filled with starburst backdrops, circle sunglasses, and new practices in typography. The goal of our Bikini out of home package design was to create the essence of the era through reminders of these simple vintage elements.

The background of the package has a starburst, focused behind the Bikini logo and hero product shot. The fonts used for 1969 and the claims on the front of the pack are reminiscent of the type trends during that period. We used a variety of bright colours in a very flat and two-dimensional way. This is also a nod to the graphic design of the time period. The crisp photography, and the current Bikini logo give the packaging its contemporary aspects, ensuring the communication of something evocative and fresh wrapped into one design.

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