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To create a new and distinctive visual identity and pack design for the launch of the Big Bite range of ice creams (multipacks and pint tubs) in the UK. The design should generate interest in-store, reflect Wall’s brand values of Joy, Happiness, Goodbye Serious, along with being evidently good value for money.


Our solution was born from a playful but strong idea: what better way to express the concept of a “Big Bite” than with a half-eaten product name!


Hand rendered typography beautifully mirrors the blocky nature of the ice cream bars while having a bit of fun by, literally, taking a bite out of the logotype! The product branding is accompanied by a whimsical character – Mr Big Mouth – who embodies the Big Bite personality. Mr Big Mouth shouts out “Simply Delicious” – a claim which supports the simplicity and tasty nature of the product. The appetite is stimulated by the use of a hero image of the ice cream – sticks for multipacks and scoops for pints, and a mouth-watering, textured ice cream background. 

Who could resist a Big Bite?

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