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Calippo Shots Chupa Chups

Branding Design


Wall’s commissioned us to create a new look for the launch of their Calippo Shots ice cream as Calippo Shots Chupa Chups under licence from Perfetti van Melle.


Calippo Shots is a fun ice cream with a unique packaging format. In order to communicate the intense flavour and novel eating experience that Calippo Shots offers, the new packaging leverages the distinct visual identity and vibrant graphics of the Chupa Chups brand. Concentric circles of colour emanate from the Chupa Chups brand mark which is placed at the centre of the pack. The graphic styling will be easily recognized by the numerous fans of the famous lollypop and guarantees a disruptive visual presence in the store freezer.

The Calippo Shots brand was restyled and used in icy white to create contrast with the deep colours of the pack. Tiny balls of flavoured ice are shown shooting out from behind the Chupa Chups logo in a dynamic, eye-catching way and each pack is colour coded to distinguish the variants. The range includes two flavours: Cherry Banana and Cola Lemon. 

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