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Carte d'Or Bio

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Carte d’Or is typically a premium ice cream focused on high quality and indulgence. The allure of this brand is the depiction of big scoops of creamy, delicious ice creams and rich flavours. They challenged us to combine this brand personality with a biological ice cream. The brand Carte d’Or Bio should communicate a biological and natural product that other consumers want with the deluxe promise that loyal consumers expect.


Carte d’Or Bio is a product made from simple, natural ingredients. This being a different tone of voice than their other ice creams, needed to communicate the essence of the product while positioning Carte d’Or as a trusted brand in this category. Beginning with the product shots on the package, you can see they are vastly different from the expected. The scoop imagery traditionally seen on the packages feature, rich, intense ingredients; the consumer can almost taste it. Carte d’Or Bio features the quenelle of ice cream, a word used to describe this elegant shape of a scoop in the dessert industry. Accompanying the quenelle is a select photograph of the raw ingredient used in the respective flavours. This close proximity and simple, clean depiction communicates the raw aspect and a feeling of simplicity in the product itself.

Using a light, serif typeface for the variant name aids in the lightness of the package and the ice cream. The centre strip is a consistent element to house all the information needed but also to create a strong link within the packages. The Bio green block under the Carte d’Or Bio logo makes the connection with the certification logo on the right side, both telling the consumer that this is a natural product.

The background of the product is an element that also communicates that this is a natural product for a variety of reasons. The farm-like landscape alludes to fresh milk, fresh coffee, vanilla, etc., overall fresh, non-processed ingredients. The hand-drawn style feels makes the package feel more raw, rough, and natural as well. The colour coding throughout the range is connected with respective flavours. This customized aspect over the whole container communicates a feeling of individuality to each flavour; each is handled with care, using fresh ingredients, and is a natural and a better option for the consumer’s body. The package design in total positions Carte d’Or in the market with a totally new message without sacrificing the integrity of the brand.

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