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Carte d’Or wanted to launch a gelato range inspired by the traditions of Italy. The three flavour variants are three main Italian cakes: Tiramisu, Sbriciolata, and Profiteroles. We were challenged to design the packaging for this new line of specialty gelato while keeping the communication in line with Carte d’Or, premium and delectable.



Our exclusive package design of the Carte d’Or Specialità gelato depicts the three flavours in their entirety and uniqueness. The design and overall structure remain the same across the three variants while a selection of elements are different to make each premium dessert exceptional. The circular stamp on each package features a colour, name, and illustration unique to the flavour paired with the description “gelato,” and a spoon and whisk, which are standard. On the front of the package, the stamp with name, illustration, and all the necessary information the customer needs to know at first glance is shown, making the clean and distinct design easily understandable in store amongst other products.

On the top of the packages, ingredient illustrations are individual based on the dessert flavour. While including some basic ingredients such as sugar or butter, we differentiate with a few that we consider essential to the recognition of the product. Think about Tiramisu… What instantly comes to mind? Coffee and chocolate, of course! And what are Profiteroles without creampuffs and chocolate sauce? Well, not Profiteroles. The bakery box window illusion also shows the top of what would be these fresh delectable desserts. This alludes to the SPECIALNESS of this line of Carte d’Or products. The packages itself is meant to feel as though you are staring at a dessert fresh from the bakery. The gold printing enhances this special, high-end feeling, and is in line with the Carte d’Or brand. With this packaging, the consumer can taste a spoonful of Italian tradition, understanding the special nature of this product and the care taken in the recipe and fresh, high-quality ingredients.

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