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Cornetto Summer

Branding Design


Cornetto is the one of the most well known ice creams in the world. It is an emotional power brand synonymous with love, sharing and long summer days. The challenge to us was to redesign the packaging range in order to better communicate the quality of the ingredients while also differentiating the product from me-too imitators. 


We think it’s fair to say that Cornetto is a true love brand. However sometimes it’s easy to forget why it became such an evergreen classic. It is a classic because it is also a great product. Did you know that Cornetto is made with 100% fresh Italian cream? Did you know that Cornetto’s crisp wafer is freshly baked on-site? Did you know that Cornetto has been a classic for over 50 years? The new packaging for the Cornetto in-home and out-of-home range is an example of direct storytelling. Our solution was deceptively simple: tell the customer why Cornetto is so great! Sometimes it is necessary to demonstrate the superior quality of a product communicating the facts.


This need translated into a coordinated design for both in-home and out-of-home packaging. The core idea was to visually “reveal” the quality of the key ingredients by introducing a peal-back panel on the front of the in-home pack and a ripped wrapper for the out-of- home Cornetto. This allowed us to showcase the crisp wafer and fresh cream in a way that is disruptive but eye-catching. Another innovation was to integrate the famous chocolate tip illustration with the on-pack product shot. For the in-home pack, this required a new and unusual representation of the famous cone at an almost horizontal angle. This new point-of-view balances the conical shape of the Cornetto brand mark to create a strong central lock-up of product and brand, which permits the brand to appear on-pack at a larger size. A new pay-off; “The original for more than 50 years”, has been added to further underline Cornetto’s unique heritage while key values of the brand such as love, friendship, spontaneity and authenticity are communicated on the back of the in-home pack.


The out-of-home pack features a simulation of a cone wrapper, which has been ripped to reveal the wafer, the ice cream and the legendary chocolaty tip. The shape of the wrapper recalls the drip-wraps used in traditional artisanal cones. We created 100 fun hidden messages for the circular lid that play on the idea of giving the chocolate tip to someone you love. This game transforms the lids into a unique brand experience and they can be collected or used to tell somebody special that you care.


2017 sees the launch of two new variants: the Vegan and Gluten free Cornetto. This brings the range to a total of 9 in-home variants and three out-of-home variants. 

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