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We were asked to complete a conservative restyling of Cucciolone’s Classic and Mini formats. Cucciolone is an ice cream and malt biscuit sandwich which is famous for its cartoons. The new design should build on the playful nature of the brand, incorporate the new cartoons of the “Anti Noia” (Say No to Boredom) campaign. A third variant; Cucciolone Tricolore, should be reworked to incorporate a promotional campaign linked to the Italian soccer team’s participation in the Brazilian World Cup of 2014.


The restyling is notable for its simplicity and impact in store. The new cartoons are highly visible on the dynamically restyled product shot while the Anti Noia logo is given prominence. We aslo used the Anti Noia logo to produce a fun pattern and add depth to the background. The new pack is recognizable by fans and respects the established colour codes of the brand. The resulting packs makes for a fun snack experience and moves the brand ever closer to its target market. 



Even Cucciolone Tricolore supports Italy at the Soccer World Cup in 2014! Thanks to this bold restyling the three flavours of ice cream are forcefully associated with the Italian national flag – pistacchio/green – vanilla/white –  strawberry/red.

The product was unmissable on shelf and enjoyed a surge in popularity. 

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