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Cucciolone Relaunch

Branding Design


Algida challenged REVERSE to relaunch its iconic Cucciolone ice cream biscuit snack by reformulating its humorous appeal while also communicating the quality and uniqueness of the product.


Since 1979 Cucciolone has been known as the cream snack with cartoons on the biscuit. In order to renew consumer engagement with the brand we focused our attention on its core feature: the fun cartoons. The first phase was dedicated to an exploration of the brand’s personality in terms of illustration, joke style, characters, consumer activities and gift in pack ideas. As a result, we created new characters; the Giggle Gang – La Gang delle Risate, who feature in the cartoons. The series of specially commissioned jokes and illustrations follow these three kid’s adventures at school, at after-school activities, or just hanging out together – all to comic effect. The contemporary setting and naïve cartoon style make the Giggle Gang relevant to a new generation of consumers and mark a return to the simple humorous appeal of the original Cucciolone cartoons.


To further underline the heritage of the Cucciolone brand we designed a new lock-up of the brand mark to incorporate the word “Originale”. The revitalized package design presents the product in a distinctive, fun angle while retaining valued brand equities such as the warm yellow colour and an emphasis on the quality of the ingredients. Even the ingredients are associated with having a good time through the use of a new slogan – “La Ricetta del Divertimento!” “The recipe for fun!”.

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