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Cucciolone Snack

Branding Design


To create the brand, naming, packaging and biscuit for Funny Snack and I Cucciolini – two new additions to Algida’s Cucciolone ice cream snack range. The products, mini biscuit ice creams, will be sold on a small portable plastic tray for Funny Snack and in a bag containing eight mini biscuit ice creams for I Cucciolini. The tone and personality should be in line with the Cucciolone brand but it should be positioned as the ideal and contemporary snack.


The name Funny Snack encapsulates the light-hearted nature of the product while “I Cucciolini” is a natural and intuitive extension of the Cucciolone brand. Both names clearly communicate that this snack offers the same great quality, only in a smaller size! 
The smaller size makes the product perfect for an easy, quick snack or a moment of relax, without ruining one’s appetite for the main meal. 

We chose a happy face emoticon to decorate the biscuits because of its relevance to a young and media savy audience and because it expresses the joyful spirit of this delightful and delicious snack.

The brand logotype has been purposely styled to simulate the biscuit while the product is visualized in motion – rolling, dancing, smiling – having fun!

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