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Gingerbread Sandwich

Branding Design


The Sandwich is a classic product, which is popular in Nordic countries. It is a delicious combination of two spiced, gingerbread biscuits and creamy vanilla ice cream. We were asked to adapt the Sandwich packaging for other European countries while increasing the seasonal associations with wintertime.


Gingerbread cookies are an essential part of the winter and Christmas season in the Nordics and the Nordic people recognize the flavor and common shapes typically associated with this treat. However, outside of these countries, this delectable sweet is not as well known, and not typically served with ice cream. In order to increase association with Christmas time and link these multiple layers of desert tradition, we created a fun and playful, eye-catching packaging system for the individually wrapped sandwiches and multipack box.


The background features red stripes, a favorite among Christmas-time décor and patterns. Snowflakes are also placed with the stripes as a way to enhance the holiday concept and connect the winter weather to the icy product itself. The gingerbread man cookie reminds the customer of a more recognizable way to see product, immediately communicating what lies inside to the eyes of non-Nordics. The actual product shot is connected to the cookie with a Christmas-like ribbon while taking center stage, seemingly coming out of the box, already bitten by an eager customer.


The sandwiches themselves either stay within the box or are sold individually. With less real estate, the design remains relevant and connected. The stripes create a space for large text to describe what cannot be visually communicated otherwise. However, the image of real gingerbread is still present as a way to entice the consumer.

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