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We were asked to create a new graphic style for Wall’s summer price boards. A style that would express the care and attention which goes into each and every product, while also giving value to the many years of experience they have in making delicious ice creams and desserts. 


Ice cream price boards are usually ablaze with colour, promotional flashes and dynamic product shots. For this year’s price boards we proposed a different approach: a return to rigor and order. The new price boards function like a menu, allowing for the easy identification of favourite items or fresh offerings. The price boards for Magnum and Carte d’Or Patisserie recall the metal and enamel shop signs which were common before full colour printing became popular. They have rounded corners with simulated 3D mouldings and detailing such as the decorative old-style screw caps and metal nameplates. Ice creams and desserts are displayed using a straight, frontal point of view with brand marks and prices arranged in an orderly fashion. The objective was to present the various products in a simple, unadorned way, where the products themselves provide appetizing appeal and colour. The typographic styling is contemporary and features different fonts which reflect the character of the individual desserts and ice creams. Hand drawn elements are added to maintain a light touch and add personality. The dark Magnum menu reflects the rich, indulgent and sensual world associated with the brand and is destined for stylish bars and cafes. The white Carte d’Or Patisserie menu focuses on creamy desserts and take-home items, and will be used mainly in bars and restaurants. It features another project of ours: the single servings of Tartufo, Tiramisù and Cuor di Caffè. The sophisticated and understated design reflects the premium positioning of these thoroughly modern desserts. Click here to learn more about our designs for Carte d’Or Premium Ice cream.

The Gluten Free menu differentiates itself from the other two menus in its use of a simulated white, wooden surface. Delicate illustrations representing something characteristic of each group of products are sketched in the background – cacao bean pods for Magnum, toys for kids and so on. The soft paintbrush textures and wood combine to create a natural and healthful mood. 

The uncluttered approach of all three menus contrasts dramatically with the usually hectic price boards. They provide a calm, pleasant reading experience for consumers and communicate in a confident, authoritative manner the quality of the brands.  

Meanwhile, our menu board for Café Zero is an energetic presentation of the four established products with the introduction of two new fruit-based variants named Zero Café Peach on the Beach and Peace & Lemon, for both of them we also did the new packaging. Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocaccino are shown against a cool background of crushed icy shards accompanied by images of coffee beans or coconut. The new variants and Cocco Shock are separated from the others by a strong orange band that attracts attention and guarantees the clear communication of both the names and key fruit ingredients: peach and strawberry, lemon and mint and coconut. 

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